Sunday, March 9, 2014

Upcycling Again!

After my fabulous upcycling of a sweater into legwarmers, I'm at it again.

I used to be really afraid to sew knits, figuring my machine wouldn't like it or it would just look bad.  I see it is being done all over the place, so when k-ster abandoned a bunch of sweaters, I figured I could  give it a whirl and not worry if I totally ruined a project.

Originally, I tried making this sweater into mittens but that was a mess so I had to come up with another plan.  The texture reminded me of crocheted purses I've seen, so I went with that idea.

I think my favorite part is the lining.  This was a fabric I used in a quilt a while ago and it was the first blue I saw when I was looking for something to line it.

That little black part is actually a little stretchy piece.  It was the bottom of the sweater and it magically became the top of the purse.  It gives it a little bit of closure at the top without a zipper.

I don't use a purse, so this whole thing is lost on me, but I know plenty of people who do.  I just carry this and make do without lugging a bag full of junk.   I put this one up on my etsy, should you be the kind of person inclined to carry a purse.

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