Saturday, March 1, 2014

Even Better Chicken "Pie"

Just over a year ago, I posted about a chicken "pie" that I made.

I put it in quotes because it's not chicken pie in the sense that it has a top and bottom crust.  It has a top crust of biscuit batter and no bottom crust.

And most importantly, it has the gooeyness that must exist inside the chicken pie to make it all come together.

I had totally forgotten about chicken "pie" and then I suddenly remembered as I was trying to figure out how to convince k-ster that chicken soup would be a good idea.   I had everything I wanted to use plus some spinach which I figured I could throw in too.

Here's a recap:

The last of my onions from my onion growing debut.  That was the best surprise someone has given me and I am totally growing them again.  The dilemma is that there are a million little bulbs in each bunch and I don't have the space to just grow hundreds of onions.   Anyone local want to split a couple of bunches with me?  I'm serious!

 I got all wild and crazy and tossed in some spinach.  K-ster didn't complain and neither did I.

 K-ster says he doesn't like carrots or celery.  It might be the reason he doesn't like soup.  But, when they are in a chicken pie, it's ok, as long as I don't overdo it with the celery.

I refrain from peas in my chicken "pie".  I love raw peas but I am not much of a fan of cooked peas and I think it's the best way to ruin chicken pie and chicken "pie".

 I cooked it in my Deep Covered Baker (uncovered) from Pampered Chef and swear it made it Even Better Chicken "pie" because it was nice and deep!  It let the filling all meld together better and let me make a thicker crust because it wasn't as big as my 13x9 pan that I used last time.


Serve it with this and then sit on the couch  unable to move for a few hours, savoring the delicious flavors.

This works much faster when the chicken is precooked, but I had nothing but raw chicken, so it took a little longer than the last time.  Even still, it was all prepared, cooked and eaten within an hour.

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