Sunday, June 22, 2014

Super Sunday Sharefest #1

After I promised last week that I'd get back to my regular frequent posts, the whole week slipped by with nary a word from me.  I went to see my niece and the rest is history.

This week, I'm starting a weekly link-up that I'm calling Super Sunday Sharefest.  The rules are simple:

1.  Follow me in some way.
2.  Write a post that tells about your highlights from the week.
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So, I hadn't been to see my sister, BIL and niece since last July.  Too many excuses kept me from going this year.  I saw them at Christmas, but that was the last time.  I've been going over April vacation for the last few years, but I couldn't go this year and something really felt like it was missing.

To make this long story slightly shorter, I decided that even though I still have a week of school left- I'm going to pause for a minute while you southern readers gasp at the thought that I'm STILL IN SCHOOL AND IT'S ALMOST JULY.

I just gasped, myself.  Remember my mantra:  'tis easier to get up on a June morning than a January morning?  I sang that every day we had a snowday this winter.  All 5 times.

It's very, very true, but OMG I can't believe everyone is out of school and I have another full week!

Anyway, I had some personal days to use that can't be carried over, so I went for a visit.

See that flash of a body running by?  That's pretty much what my visit was like.  On the go all day, every day, seizing every single moment.

That girl never quits.

We started the week with an appointment for my sister, so I watched L-ster run around the courtyard while we waited.  It was exceptionally HOT.

On the way to the appointment, we had to stop and pick up this.

That's right.  It's a saddle in a suitcase.  After a monthslong desperate search for a saddle, I believe I have found the magic one.  It was on ebay and as I was checking out, I realized the woman lived fairly close to my sister.  The woman agreed to meet up at the barn and refund my shipping fee, and like magic, the appointment was not far from the barn.  Plans were made, a saddle was handed to me and off we went.

It's an English saddle and there are no stirrups, so it's not that heavy and easily fit into this suitcase.  I was pretty excited.  I haven't tried it on this impossible to fit horse,  but someone else at the barn has this very saddle and it fits, so this better fit him.

More details to come on the saddle front.

We went to the zoo one day and when L-ster saw the carousel, she asked if she could ride.  Neither my sister nor I especially like the carousel because it's fairly nauseating but she's too little to ride alone, so I said I'd go.

She waited her turn very nicely and looked at all of the animals going by.  I assumed she'd immediately pick the panda but first she said she wanted to ride the giraffe.  The giraffe was so tall, it didn't go up and down, so then she thought she wanted to ride the zebra.  I suspected she really wanted to ride the panda, so I made a bee-line for it, but someone else grabbed it.  Thankfully, I hadn't told her we were going to the panda.  I saw another panda open and asked if that's what she wanted and she said yes, so panda it was.

It must have been put together by Noah, with every animal having a mate.  Brilliant.

We aren't looking so thrilled here but she really loved it.  She was much more at ease than when we went on a different one in July and I enjoyed this one more because it wasn't as fast as the last one we went on.  We pretty much needed seatbelts for that one and I thought I was going to ill, ill ill after riding.

This was much tamer.

We went to the pool one day where she had a blast jumping off the side and almost knocking my head off more than once.  It was pretty hot that day, so I was really glad to cool off in the pool.

She also let me braid her hair "like Elsa".  She has a bit of an obsession with the movie Frozen right now.  I have a bit of an obsession with her amazing hair at 3 years old.  I'd love to have hair like that.

But, because she sings Let It Go on a regular basis, any putting up of the hair must be taken down during her rendition of the song because that's what Elsa does when she puts "the past in the past".

I almost wet my pants the first time I watched her sing this song and do all of the motions from the movie.  Her timing is unreal.

I had a fabulous couple of days and wore her right out.  Aunitesparkling asks way too many questions, I think.

And I was chastised for singing Elsa's part at the wrong time.

And because when I was told to read, I read silently.  After that, every time she handed me a book, she said "you read this with you MOUTH".

And when I arrived at home, I almost fainted because k-ster had changed the sheets without me even asking!

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