Monday, June 30, 2014

Group Fitting Room, Party of One, or Two

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I had the most bizarre experience at Land's End today. Actually, it wasn't Land's End, it was the Land's End at Sears.

I was looking for a new gas grill, more on that later, and as I passed by the Land's End, I was blown away by the $10 tank tops. That's like a price tag from the olden days, so I grabbed a few and decided to try them on.

I went right into the fitting room, locked the door and tried them. I love it when you can just help yourself to a fitting room and not have to count your items and swear on your life that you won't steal them.  They are not the most spectacular tank tops, but for $10, they are awesome. And I think they will get better with washing and wearing. Most of Land's End clothes are like that.

That's not the bizarre part.

As I was debating the need for another couple of t-shirts, which were also $10, I happened upon some pants.  Chinos.  A walnut brown like nothing I've ever seen.

I wear chinos or khakis a lot and I usually find a pair I love and wear them right to the last thread.  I'm kind of in need of some new pants.

And the price was $19.99 and 30% off.  I almost wet my pants, I was so excited.

Is this Candid Camera?  What are these prices?  Is it the 90s?

This isn't the bizarre part, though it did seem way too lucky.

The pants were all 32 inseam, but we know I can sew, so I didn't let that hold me back.

I grabbed two sizes and went into a different fitting room because a woman was in the one I first went into.

There were clothes all over it.  Have you ever been in their fitting rooms?  They are almost the size of my bed room. There are two of them and they are each that big.  It feels a little too open for my liking.

Especially when I am wearing a dress.

And there were clothes from one end of it to the other.  Not hanging, but strewn about.
When I tried on the shirts, I didn't  bring in a pair of pants, so it was bizarre trying on the tops with no bottoms.  At least when I went to try the pants, I brought in the two tank tops I was planning to buy, so I'd have an outfit.

So, I went into the 2nd fitting room with the pants, locked the door and put my stuff down.  I had my shoes off and was debating whether I should put the pants on under my dress and then, if they fit, take off the dress and put on the tank top to get the full effect.

Or, should I just take off the dress and try on both the pants and a tank?

Just as I was pulling the dress up, the door whips open and a woman comes in.  I said something, maybe "ummm?" or something like that and she just came in, shut the door and was mumbling.  I figured I must have taken her fitting room and the clothes strewn about were hers.

So, I started saying things like "oh, were you in here?  Are these your things?" and she was completely ignoring me, putting her stuff down. 

So, I kept talking, I have no idea what I said, and started gathering my pants and my tank tops and I think I repeated the question about had she been there already. 

I also mumbled something about how I was sure I locked the door.

I was just a stuttering mess, so taken by surprise.

Finally, she looked up and said "oh, isn't this a group fitting room?"

And I said "ummmmm, no and I was in here first, but if you need me to leave, I guess I can go find another fitting room" as I had everything in my hands.

And she said "oh, I thought it was a group fitting room because every time I've been here, there have been lots of other women in here."

Well yes, because you've just barged in and taken over and ignored them when they've said that they were here first and didn't want company!

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  1. I would have DIED lol. A group fitting room? I wonder where she normally shops?


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