Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Is Exactly What It Looks Like

The house has recently been looking like someone yelled GET OUT and no one came back to straighten up.

Particularly in the living room because it's the entry and a total catch all.

And currently k-ster's office.

As I left this morning, I did the unthinkable and asked if maybe he could clean some of it up.  I sort it very calmly, not giving a directive, and he said "ok".

By the time I got home, I had totally forgotten about it.

So I was shocked to walk in and see things neatened up.  It even looked like he had vacuumed!

And then I walked into the kitchen and saw this...

The rest of the grout from the great tile debut.  Sitting right in the middle of the kitchen floor.  But I shouldn't complain because at least it made its way out of the living room.

But then I saw this and went from 0-1000 in about a millisecond....

Right behind it.

On the way to my brandy new trash can.

On my nice, new tile.

A big dollop of P**P!!!!

I was outraged.  HOW did he not see this?  HOW could he have left this, after cleaning and taking out the trash?????  Everything he had done was undone by this one thing.


So I walked closer, FUMING.  I was sure it must be fake.  Like that might be something I thought was funny.  A pile of crap is never something that's funny, real or otherwise.

Not.  Ever.

And as I got closer, I was more and more amazed that the cat could even do that.  Without dragging her butt all over the floor and smearing it everywhere.  And it was way too big to be a mouse.  Just what kind of rodents do we have in here?

(isn't it amazing how many thoughts you can have in the span of 2 seconds?)

As I got closer, I thought maybe it was a..... chocolate munchkin?  A round brownie?  A weird cookie I haven't made?

I got more and more angry as I got closer and could not believe he'd leave a literal pile of crap on the floor.  I wanted to scoop it up and leave it on his pillow.

Which would only make me more furious when I had to do the laundry.

And then I took one more step and realized...

It was one of the potatoes that I threw in the trash because I was afraid they were too old to eat.

He must have knocked it out when he took out the trash.

I laughed so hard, I had to sit down.

It sure looked like a potato, right?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

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