Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Royal Flush With The Queen of Hearts

I don't play poker so I have no idea what this title really means.  But I thought it was clever!

I've been working on this Queen of Hearts since February and I finally finished it!

The back is pieced, so it's really two quilts in one.  A giant heart on one side,

and squares on the back.

After a VERY frustrating few days of machine quilting with my non-quilting machine Bernina, I finally finished, bound it and put it on my etsy!

I love the look of it, but it does not go with anything in my house.  I also never use quilts, though I give them away all the time and sell them on my etsy.  I prefer a duvet with a cover that I can wash, so quilts are not my thing.

Ironic, I know!

If I had a guest room, that's where I'd put this, but alas, I don't.

Which means we never have guests!  Sly, I know!

I loved playing with the half square triangles and I was utterly shocked when I ended up with a queen sized quilt!  My original plan was for a wall hanging that I would put up every February.  I'd need a whole wall to display this and I don't have that, either!

I think I will eventually make another one, with much smaller squares, that actually will be a wall hanging.  But, since I used almost every pink, white and red that was in  my stash, I'll have to wait a while before attempting this again!

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