Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Necessity Really Is the Mother of Invention

I'm so desperate to eat homegrown veggies right now, the radishes in my garden are the most enticing thing I can look at!
I love how they pop up like gorgeous marbles when they are ready to be harvested.

Radishes are the fastest growing vegetable I know.  In about 20 days, they are ready for picking!  And every time I've grown them, they have sprouted right away and produced great results.

I picked my first bunch the other morning and I just looked at these beauties for a while.  I ate them on a cream cheese covered bagel one day and then used the rest in a cucumber-radish salad another night.  As long as they are thinly sliced, I'm loving the flavor.

Today, I picked another bunch of radishes, thinking I'd keep them until I had a few more and use them in something.

And then, I had a brainstorm.  I remembered once that I read you can use spinach to make pesto if you don't have basil. 

One idea let to another and....

I chopped the radishes and sauteed them with some garlic.

I processed the greens and some spinach in the food processor with garlic, olive oil and some nuts.

Can you STAND IT???  Look at that green!!

I put the sauteed radishes on the pesto and added pasta and voilĂ .

I might have overdone the garlic a bit but this was amazing.  There was a little bite to it but just enough.  I added a little salt and ate every bite.  The radishes lost their radishy flavor.  It was delicious.

I like my pesto to be plentiful enough that every bite of pasta gets some.

It was truly remarkable and I will definitely make it again.

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  1. The weird thing about cooking radishes is how they start to just taste like potatoes. That pesto sounds so good!


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