Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Keeping All Of the Words A Secret

At the end of every school year, I take a survey among my students to find out what they loved, what they hated and what they tolerated.  With the advent of online surveys, I find that more and more, kids really let loose and tell all.

Sometimes, I think I give these surveys more for my own entertainment than anything else.  And now, I hope they are for your entertainment!

These quotes are verbatim, not censored or checked for spelling, realistic suggestions or comprehensibility.  These are my favorites from the hundreds of students I've taught.  The colored text is all me.

What was your favorite thing about learning French this year?

My favorite thing about learning French this year was that we got to learn another language and learning another language stretches your mind and makes you a better learner.  Yes, A+ for you, but you realize this is anonymous and you won't get real points, right?

the accent marks. I like that if you forget the accent mark its not a real word  Yeah, that's not really how I explained it, but I'm glad you get that accent marks are important to the spelling.

My favorite thing I learned in French was the colors I liked the colors because I like to tell my friends random colors.   Your life must have been very boring before you could tell them random colors.  Glad I could help.

My favorite part of learning French is when we talk back ad fourth in French it like we're having a weird conversation and actually it's fun to.   I completely agree!

When it comes to speaking French, what do you know you're good at?

I am very well at pernounsing the acent marks  Ahh you must be friends with the accent fiend from above. 

I know that I can keep calm,I know all the numbers and I do not have to worry about next year.   This is very Zen, right?

My favorite thing in about learning French is learning how to count in French. 1-10 was easy but it was much more harder. Now I can see how high I can get by counting in French. I can tell the date in French much easier now.   I often wonder just how high anyone can get by counting in French.  Do you tell the date easier after you're high from all the counting?

What could I do to make learning French easier?

If the kids get it right a few times I give the candy and shorter words Shorter words and rotten teeth.  Is your father a dentist, by any chance?
 Put people in groups for all the advanced kids and all the not so good kids  Yeah, they stopped this in like the 1990s, but thanks for advocating for segregation.

I wold take them to France for one week to help them see what it is like and all the cultures there.   Clearly you've been getting high counting with your friend from above. 

Let my students copy what I say Basically, this is what teaching is, my friend.  Did you think  was keeping all of the words to myself?

Keep trying  I completely agree!  Wait, should I keep trying or should the students keep trying?

Saying something in French and see if the kids new what I was saying Well, yes, that's what they taught us in teacher school.

i wouldnt be teaching french Probably my favorite answer of the entire survey.

I would go into the food and how to describe food (like fried) more. If only I had realized the one thing holding you back was not knowing how to say fried food.

Things Well, you've got me, I have no witty response.

Get somebody to do all my work for me except for teaching.  Umm, I think we call them students?

What was your least favorite thing about learning French?  (Bear with me as I cry and cry and cry here.)

My least favorite thing in French to lean is the how the do there math.  Well, "there/their" math is just like ours, so....

When I had to answers questions  Ahh, so you'd like to speak French in statements only, I see.
The words  Have you met the student just above you?  Why don't you two get together and create a new language with no words and no questions.

The real talking like Jem appele and words like that.   I didn't realize we were doing "fake talking".  And it's Je m'appelle for the 45636th time.

Learning what to say back and how to start a conversation. It was boring to me.  Ahh yes, communication is so very boring.

When I had to lean most of the words that was my least part I really didn't like it.  I see that you didn't like most of the words, but could you share a few you that you did like?

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  1. As a former teacher, I feel your pain. Thank you for the giggle.


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