Friday, February 10, 2012

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Well, actually it's night, so it's the wild dark yonder. 

And it's just Paris, so it's not wild and yonder.  More like that busy city over there.

So, I've worried, freaked out, gotten excited and now I'm kind of in this surreal state because I'm waiting to board Air France to jet me over the pond to France.

For 12 days.  With 14 kids and another adult, j-ster.

At this point, I am usually FREAKING out over things.

I am rather sedate, actually.   I think k-ster slipped me some valium because I'm very blase about everything right now.

The flight is delayed and I've been sitting in the airport for 3 hours already.  I've taken about 5 trips around the terminal, trying to keep myself from sitting still for too long.  And they have these great rocking chairs by the windows, but people keep sitting in them before I can get there!

Maybe my calm is because it's the first time I've flown to France with someone I know.  In fact, with 15 someones that I know.  Ok, I didn't know 2 of the boys until today, but I know everyone else because I either taught them or took them to Quebec in 7th grade, or both.

It's so different to travel with familiar faces, isn't it?  All of this entertainment ware that I brought for myself suddenly seems unnecessary because I have someone to talk to.  That will get old after a few hours though, I am highly equipped with a kindle, some trashy magazines and a word puzzle book.  You would think I have raging insomnia with the amount of things I brought to busy my mind when I can't sleep.

I expect that when we land, in the morning, we will be dead tired but we know better than  to go to sleep.

We'll drop the kids off with their host families and go to our host teacher's house and then j-ster and I will walk ourselves silly and force ourselves to stay awake until the evening.  We both know this is the way to deal with jet lag,  and it's so easy to say right now, but at 8:30 France time, 2am my time, my body will have very different ideas, I know.

And it's cold in Melun, France right now.  Not as cold as poor eastern Europe right now, but colder than usual.  Like in the teens.  Farenheit!  That's not normal.  I left 50 degrees at home today for much colder weather for this trip. 

So, I am off to see what happens when I chaperone 14 kids to France. 

And to see how long this semi sedation will last.

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  1. How exciting! So happy that you are over there experiencing that, even if it is with 14 kids. I bet they're really cool kids. :) I have been to Paris and remember being REALLY nervous when I got off the plane. It was a surprise trip and it was all so surreal. Would love to go back one day. Have fun!!


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