Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unhidden Vacuums

When we were little, we had a babysitter named c-ster who would watch us if my parents went away for a few hours or a few days.  She let us watch the movie Airplane once and that was all it took for a million little silly jokes to become the norm.  She was always acting out parts of the movie, or referring to them, and we'd crack up.

Then we watched the horrible sequel, Airplane 2 and it just sucked.  It wasn't nearly as funny and went too far with its ridiculousness.  However, there was one scene with a vacuum cleaner that just made c-ster wet her pants laughing and the vacuum became the new joke.  My parents had a central vacuum and whenever c-ster would go to use it, she'd pretend the vacuum was overtaking her.  Not really funny, but a lasting memory.

This must be why I can't stop taking pictures of vacuums in weird places.  First it was this one, which is definitely my favorite.

And then I saw this one in the hotel in Paris and I had to take it.  There's something about a long vacuum hose, located somewhere that it shouldn't be, and I just can't stop laughing.  This is a live one, I guess, because it took the toilet paper hostage!

I know, I know, something is wrong with my mental state.

Finding the Funny


  1. Oh, I love Airplane. I've never seen the second one. The thought of that vacuum cleaner hose taking the toilet paper hostage made me laugh out loud!

  2. This kindof makes me want to see Airplane 2.... :) Thanks for linking up to finding the funny!


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