Friday, February 17, 2012

It's So Tiring When You're Royal

Yesterday, we visited a castle/palace called Fontainebleau. I was under the impression that the current president lives there, but that is quite wrong. Everyone from Francois the 1st to Napoleon lived there at one point or another and now it's just pretty to look at.

The "pissing dogs" fountain.  Lovely.

When you are royal, you can't be bothered to have to go find natural water, you just have your slaves dig a pond so you can fish and boat at your leisure.

You have lots of comfortable furniture to sit on all day while gazing at your hand made tapestries on the walls.

You have lots of secret staircases for the servants to run up and down and for antics to go on behind the king's back.  You probably would not use these staircases yourselves because your wide dresses would probably never make it up and down the stairs.

You will have grandly opulent rooms for your ladies in waiting so sit and be comfortable while they wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.

You have sitting areas between staircases because it can be so tiring to go from one end of a wing to the other, you might need a comfy place to take a break and look at more tapestries.

Forget cathedrals, you will have your own chapel or two right in your house.

And my favorite:  if you are Napoleon, you will have a bed here in your study in case you get tired.

Because walking all the way to your bedroom next door (I was standing in the study to take this picture of the bedroom!!) can be way too draining.

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