Sunday, February 19, 2012

Striking Fear In the Hearts of French Teachers Who've Dragged Their Derrieres All the Way to Paris...

So, our first day in Paris, we planned to go to the Eiffel Tower and take the elevator to the very top.

The tower had other plans for us.

Feel free to walk up the steps to the 2nd level or take an elevator to the first or 2nd level, but don't plan on going to the top.  There's a problem with the elevator and when we asked how long it had been like that, the lady said "day before yesterday" and shrugged and that was the end of that.  After 2 hours in line. 

I've only ever been to the 2nd level and the view is fantastic, so I didn't really care.  I've heard it's better from that level than the very top because the top is so very high!

THe tower has the most awesome glow that can't really be captured by my camera.  These aren't too bad.


  1. Pretty pictures of the tower!
    L. Mom

  2. I love those pictures! And i love reading your posts :-). Thanks for leaving your lovely comment about my macaroons, got me to visit you. am your newest follower and would be honored if you would like to follow back, but no hard feelings if not.


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