Friday, March 23, 2012

I Done Growed Me A Kerrit!

Finding the Funny 
I can't believe I am so dumb.  Forget about my future career as a farmer.  You can cross that right off the list.

I have been coddling this parsley plant all winter, trying to make sure it was happy, not really succeeding.  It was in kind of a small pot, but it looked like it was dying anyway, so I just kind of played with it , keeping it barely alive.

And today, I realized, this is what I was really growing.
Since it was in such a small pot, it didn't have the freedom to grown down, so it grew nice and wide, but it's pretty stumpy.  I've never grown a carrot before!

That's not really me.  Photo from here.

Why Kerrit?  Because those are my favorite riding pants.  And they come with a packet of carrot seeds.  Seriously!  They're so clever.  Cuz you know, horses love carrots so much.   I planted them all but they didn't seem to do anything.  Except for this little guy.

I got a new pair for Christmas and they came with the carrot packet, so I just planted them the other day.  We'll see how they do!  And I'll be more aware of what I'm planting so I know what a parsley plant and a carrot plant both look like!

FOLLOW UP #1:  I planted those Kerrit carrots and lo and behold- they're sprouting!!!  Seriously!  Pictures to follow this weekend.

FOLLOW UP #2:  I solved the mystery.


  1. Haha. What's up Doc? For some reason mistaking a carrot for parsley just seems like something I would do. Hard-core.

  2. That IS pretty funny & clever! That is also one itty-bitty "kerrit". I want to pinch his cheeks!


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