Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wait--- WHAT Did You Just Say?

Joining up with Finding the Funny today!

I'm never surprised at what my students say to me.   Whether it's a statement of brilliance, a string of expletives last heard spoken by George Carlin or the most utterly absurd statement ever, I just carry on and sometimes remember for future laughs.

Cuz, ya know, I teach FRENCH, I pretty much start every class with BONJOUR and end with AU REVOIR.    Especially now that we have bells.  It makes it easier to remember to acutally say something other than Don't forget your homework.  And most everyone on the way in or out says BONJOUR or AU REVOIR.  One of them loves to say Bon Weekend as she leaves,  even when it's Wednesday and then ROFL when I say not yet.

It takes so very little.  Especially in what is currently my favorite class.  11 seventh graders who I've known for over a year.  They are just the best group and ask some of the best questions.

This is the class where I told a girl she needs to get a passport to go on the Quebec Trip and she said "Oh, I'll just get one at CVS for like $10".

And the same class where a girl told me I need to be on Comedy Central because I keep her in stitches all period and where do I get my material? 

But the other day, I think I can safely say, I was shocked.  With at capital S. Wait, all capitals. SHOCKED.

Because the other day, as they were leaving, I said "Au revoir!" and a girl stopped and said "Wait, what?  Isn't au revoir SPANISH?"


  1. Oh that is so funny :) Au revoir is totally Greek right? No? Latin? It's something like that. Maybe Chinese.


    Look, I'm an English teacher, and it isn't any easier in my classes and I've heard the one about getting the passport at CVS myself.

    My goodness ;)

  2. No, she didn't! Oh, man. BTW, I really like "bon weekend". Ha! Until now, I didn't know you taught French. I'm out of it! Thanks for linking up with #findingthefunny!!


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