Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time For Another Upcycling?

Do you have one of those shirts that you think is just great but every time you wear it, you just don't love it? And sometimes, your day is bad when you wear it and you're convinced it's all because of the shirt?  This is the shirt that inspired this post.

And I think it's about to go away. I loved it when I got it but it really doesn't flatter me or make me happy when I wear it. It reminds of a shirt that I love that I get a lot of compliments on, but it's louder than that shirt and I think that's the problem. This is too bright and loud. The flowers are maybe too big?

So, it's either on its way to Goodwill, or maybe its fate will end up like this one.  While I do like the way the blue one came out, I'm not sure I really like the way it looks on me.  So, I wonder if I should try that with this one, or just get rid of it.

Either way, I'm done wearing it like this anymore.

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