Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Little Nuggets of Joy

Joining up with  Finding the Funny today.

When I bought the new couch last year, I made sure it would work for a temporary bed because many nights, k-ster snores before I can get to sleep and he keeps me up.  So, I take to the couch, fall asleep and then go to bed later.  Thankfully, it's a comfortable couch, so I don't wake up feeling like I slept on the floor.

But I'd like to stay in my bed.  All night.  Every night.

I tried ear plugs a long time ago, but they didn't stay in my ears and I was always afraid I wouldn't hear important things like the alarm, or God forbid, the smoke alarm.

When I was in France, j-ster turned out to be quite a snorer.  Since we were camping out in the living room of e-ster's apartment, there was nowhere else to go.

Enter the earplugs given to us on the Air France flight over.  Many people used these on the plane, but since I was sitting upright on the plane, I just used my noise cancelling headphones.  But, I can't sleep on my back, so the headphones won't work for real sleep, so I got out my little earplugs and hoped they'd work.

SWEET JESUS, where have these been all my life????

They dulled the sound enough that it sounded far away and I was able to lull my way to sleep listening to my own inner sounds (do you know what it sounds like to listen to your own mouth when wearing earplugs????).

K-ster now has some sort of cold thing going on, and I think perhaps you can hear him snoring where you live.  Even you ladies in Australia.  Usually, if I tell him to roll over, he will and the snoring will stop long enough for me to fall asleep, but lately, he's already on the other side and there's nothing to do.

After 2 nights on the couch, one of which even required TWO trips to the couch from all the snoring,  I decided to whip out a new pair of Air France earplugs.

I fell asleep so hard the first night, I slept for 1 hour and woke up feeling so refreshed at midnight, I thought it was the next day.

All hail the mighty earplug! 

Here's a little extra fun for you.  I have a strange obsession with chewing things that are spongy by nature.  Like these little gems. 
Do you know about the circus peanut?  They are nothing but marshmallows, but there is something about the way the chew, I can't stop eating them once I start.  Oh I'm fantasizing about them RIGHT.NOW.  Yummm, chew, chew, chew.....

Earplugs are spongy and sometimes they are the same color as circus peanuts.

When I first wore the earplugs in France, I found that they fell out during the night.  Not wanting to lose them when I woke up to go to the bathroom, I  would carry them with me since it was so dark everywhere, they would probably disappear.

I also learned that when you are wearing earplugs in the dark, your sense of balance is a little altered.

So, the first time I carried them with me to the bathroom, I had to keep telling myself "don't eat the earplugs, don't eat the earplugs".

Because they have that texture.....

And then I couldn't find one for a moment and thought "OH MY GOD, I ATE AN EARPLUG".

But it was on the floor beside my air mattress.

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  1. I need some of those! If I had those foamy peanuts near me, I put even put those in my ears to drown out my husband's snoring. Ha! (Thanks for linking up with the #findingthefunny!)


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