Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Because I Don't Want Anyone to STEAL You!

Finding the Funny 

Before I went to France last month, I found myself forgetting a lot of things and I blamed it on worrying about the trip and too much to do.

You know how to go into a room and then have no idea why you're there and you have to retrace your steps and all that?  It was like that, but much worse.

I started to worry that there was possibly something wrong with my brain because it was happening a lot.

I even forgot I had a class one day and just left them swinging in the breeze for like 15 minutes until someone told me a whole class of kids was waiting for me and I thought the person was kidding.

Not once in France did I forget what I was doing, why I was doing it or what I was about to do.  Didn't lose a single kid.  Didn't get halfway through a room and wonder why I was there.  Didn't forget how to speak French.  Didn't forget to get off the metro at the appropriate time.

And just as I predicted, all has been well since I returned, with very little forgetfulness.  So, I reasoned, it was all just preoccupation with the trip and worry about losing kids, illness, acts of God etc.

But there is the one little thing I started doing before France that I just can't seem to shake it.

I keep locking k-ster IN the house in the morning if I leave before him!  We still have one of those "dangerous" deadbolts that you have to use a key to unlock both from the inside and the outside.  When we leave the house, we lock that one, but when we are inside the house, we have other means of locking the door.   It's very complicated.  The door is like 7 times as old as we are, give it a break.

In my rush to get out the door in the morning and not forget my key, I grab the key and all of my stuff, get in the General and head off to work.  Occasionally, I get a call from k-ster that I did it again.  And I have no knowledge that I have just locked the door.  None.  Can't even picture it.

The other morning, not only did I lock him inside, I did it while he was walking by the door!  There I was, getting into the General and he started banging on the kitchen window like  a maniac yelling "you locked me in, unlock the door" while I stood there with my key in my hand going "what is wrong with you?  why don't you just open the door?" not believing a word of it.

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**PS.  After writing this, I read this post and told k-ster at least he can get himself out.    His response?  Just because someone else is a bigger idiot than you doesn't mean it's OK!  Yeah, the boys don't like being held captive now, do they?


  1. I'm laughing out loud at the visual of k-ster banging on the door! The title of the post is perfect!...still laughing!

  2. Perfect. Just a perfect illustration of how mommying rattles the brain.

    Came by from #findingthefunny.


  3. This made me laugh out loud!! Ohhhh, that sounds like something I would do. So glad you linked this up last week!

  4. LOL!!! I would totally do something like this!! Thanks for always making me laugh!! I appreciate it!


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