Friday, August 17, 2012

A Taste Of What's to Come

So, we're going to a wedding tomorrow. 


In predicted rain. 

In August, the notoriously hottest month we have every summer.

Whether it rains or not, I am sure to be pretty soaked since I can work up a sweat if I blink too fast.

That's why I'm wearing this.  I figure with all of the flowers, the pools of sweat will be camouflaged and it will probably take a while for those ruffles to get totally soaked.

And if it's sunny, I'm going to wear a hat.  Everyone will think I am a movie star in all my glamour and then they will come up and see the rings of sweat and realize who they are dealing with.

The rehearsal was 48 hours before the wedding, not the usual 20 hours before.  I have no doubt that everyone promptly forgot everything they learned and I am very excited for the show this wedding even if it is in the rain.

Because events like this are made for people like me to find little gems to share with you on my blog so special.

For example, when I arrived at the scene of the rehearsal, I sat at a table in the shade because I am not part of the wedding, but k-ster is the best man. Remember that.  He is the best man.  I figured a bird's eye view of the dress rehearsal would give me all the information I needed for the second showing actual wedding, so I'd know what is and isn't supposed to happen.

The scene is a public park with ball fields, tennis courts, lots of lawn and the requisite gazebo. 

A nice woman was sitting at the table too and she asked me if I was there because of the rehearsal.

This should have been a clue to what our conversation would be like for the next 10 minutes because it was very obvious that the only reason I would comfortably sit at a table with a stranger, while facing the myriad of wedding participants would be because I was somehow affiliated with the wedding.

When I go to a wedding and I am sitting with someone I don't know, I always ask what the affiliation is with the couple so I can figure out who I am talking to.  She was a very nice woman and she explained why she was there, without me even asking.  She was kind of defensive, actually, like I had come over to the table, all smily and nice and was going to arrest her.  She is going to videotape the wedding and she wanted to see if she could preview everything and get the best place to record but stay out of view. 

Pretty hard to do in a round gazebo, but I wasn't going to split hairs.  And when this conversation took place, I quickly learned that it wouldn't even have mattered if I had said anything:

So, are you here for the wedding?

Yes, k-ster is in it.

Oh, so how are you connected to this wedding?

Oh, k-ster (I point) is the best man.

Oh, that's nice.  So, is he in the wedding?


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  1. I can't wait to read how the actual wedding goes! And the video tape of it, I'm sure will be AWESOME! ;-) Found you through the blog hop!

  2. Ha! She sounds like a winner. Will look forward to hearing hot it goes :)

  3. Haha- sounds like a really funny time!LOL- love the dialogue on the bottom- duh, he's in the family! Cute post!


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