Monday, August 20, 2012

Some People Are So Creative

Here are some of the creative things I saw at the wedding:

A great way to store the beverages at a sort of oceanside wedding.  If I were a catering company, I would totally bring this to every summer event I do!

The seating chart.  Those are all pictures of real buoys, numbered 1-12 with names written beside them.   I 've seen a lot of ways to number tables and let people know where to sit but this is definitely unique.

There was a cake but there were also 4 jars of cookies.  It's like she knew I didn't care about wasting calories on cake and got me cookies!  The cake smelled very yellow cakey or, as I like to say, like feet.

Butterflies were a theme and she had them all around the gazebo and in her bouquet.  They looked pretty authentic!

A bridesmaid bouquet.  I think they made the bouquets but I can't get straight answer from k-ster.

The bride's bouquet.  I really like the balance of white and orange.


  1. Yum, cookies at a wedding! You can't go wrong with extra sweets. The flowers look so nice and summery.

  2. I do love that bouquet, and I have to say that I would eat cake, even if it smelled like feet. :)

  3. Hi, from The boat idea is so clever.


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