Sunday, August 26, 2012

Animals Are Assholes

I put a lot of work into growing vegetables and I really like the results. 

Until some rotten animals do this:

THis is not the work of a tomato or tobacco hornworm like last year.  In fact, I don't have any this year!  And I'm pretty sure it's not birds because that's a whole lot of pecking.  I think it's something with paws, so either squirrel or raccoon. 

And you know how I feel about thos

So, I've had to resort to pulling tomatoes off the vine as soon as they start to ripen or risk losing them.

Forget vine ripening around here.  But do you see the size of those tomatoes????

In that random packet of heirloom tomato seeds, I got plants that made HUGE tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, normal sized tomatoes and a blackish tomato.  Here are the yellow and blackish.

I have quite a few more big, green tomatoes out there, so I get dibs!  Maybe you can invite all 4 footed wild creatures into your yard for a few weeks?


  1. Oh, that's so frustating! I didn't even plant a garden this year because something kept taking one single bite out of every tomato and pepper that I grew last year. I wouldn't even mind if they would take one whole vegetable and leave the rest alone, but one bite?!

    1. i agree!! i can't imagine just throwing in the towel and not having a garden at all, but i am debating not growing tomatoes for a year. i had an issue long before the animals started eating them, so early on, i thought maybe i'd skip them next year and now i'm so annoyed, i am pretty sure i will skip them!!


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