Thursday, August 9, 2012

Putting My Socks On One Foot At A Time

How do you put socks on?  Do you sit in a chair and try to reach down and get to your feet?  Do you sit on the floor or the bed? 

Or do you stand up to put them on?

I ask because there is a commercial that I keep seeing that is blowing my mind.  It's for weightloss, I forget which system.  I am all for people losing weight and being excited about it, but I can't believe this is what the woman chooses to say when she declares her joy at losing weight:

"Now, I can put my socks on, standing up"

Excuse me?  Put your socks on, standing up?

Now, I am thin, fairly short so I'm close to the floor, and I have remarkable balance.  However, I cannot feel good about putting my socks on while I'm standing up.  I don't think I ever have.  I know I've tried taking them off, standing up.  And you know what happens?  Right, you do the hop, jig, jog all over the room trying not to impale yourself on the coat rack as you fall over while trying to remove one sock. 

Especially long socks.  In winter.  When you're standing at the door among a collection of wet boots and you're trying to take off your own boots.  Add to that trying to take off a sock and it becomes an olympic event. 

So, putting them on while you are standing?  I don't even have a gut to get in my way and it's something I choose not to do because I fail at it.  So, why on earth, after being overweight and reaching your weight loss goal, would someone decide to try putting on socks while they are standing?

Did she get up one morning, hop on the scale, realize her weightloss and think "Hey, let me try standing up to put my socks on today!  I think I saw that on tv once." 

If she said "I can finally sit on the floor and reach my feet to put my socks on" then I would believe her story, because I know most people have trouble with this. 

If she said "Now, when I bend over to put my socks on, my stomach doesn't get in the way and I can do it with ease", then I would say she has had a major breakthrough.

But instead, she paints us a picture of her now thin frame easily throwing her socks on her feet as she stands.

No way.  I don't believe it.  I'm going to need to see her do it and do it with ease and bliss that shows me it's better than sitting down on the floor to put them on.

Is this the new "he puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else?"

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