Saturday, September 8, 2012

Agricultural Days- Can I Have Some?

As a teacher, I get 3 personal days and 15 sick days per year.  Since I am rarely sick, I have about one million sick days available.  It's easier to drag my ailing butt into my classroom than to leave plans for a sub, so I have called in sick a total of 2 times in my career.  But, we can't just use them for any old thing.

The personal days don't accumulate, so you get 3 to use or not and that's it.  They are supposed to be for things like closing on a house, a wedding you have to fly to, etc. 

But I need some agricultural days.  Some harvest days.  Some it's-September-and-my-produce-is-FINALLY-ready-to-harvest days. 

Because trying to pick things before school is proving impossible.  I'm out there in my nightgown and there are more beans than I can pick in the few minutes I have.  I'm trying not to get dirty but it's dewey and everything wet.  I'm trying to ignore the weeds that I'm itching to pull.  I'm busy until it's almost dark and I'm afraid of the bugs I'll find if I pick in the dark.

So these first few weeks of school are really getting in my way.  I planted some new plants that should produce nicely this month and I don't know when I think I'll get to pick them!  If I wait too long, they get bigger and more seedy than I like. 

It's a real dilemma. 

I think I need to go back to 1930 or maybe to Appalachia, where they didn't have school for a few weeks in September so kids could help with the harvest.

Or maybe I don't need whole days off.  Let's do a 2 hour delay 3 days a week.  That would work for me.

Think I can convince them?

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  1. I say we need to go further into June and have the entire September off. June to me is waste anyway, the weather is so much better in September and then, there's always harvest time.

    Seriously, teachers should choose the days! Good luck with your harvest!!


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