Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just How Fit Am I Going to Get?

Today was the first real day of school, with students.

Last year, I gave a fabulous interpretation of the trauma of not knowing who I am teaching.    You might think something would have been learned about not giving us our classlists and what that means for the first day of school.

But once again, I was met with "why do you need class lists, can't you just print them?"  There's some glitch that won't let us print when we have the students.  Only the office can do that.

So no, I can't just print them.

Somehow, kids knew where to find me and I managed to make it through 5 classes of students I actually recognized.

But what I really want to know is this.  Research says, the more fit you are, the more you sweat because your body is becoming such an efficient machine, it just keeps you cool all the time.

I remember back when I started teaching and though it would be warm in the early days of back to school, I never, ever let them see me sweat.  That was before I became "conditioned" by all of this exercising I do.

Now, I spend the day from the time I leave my air conditioned car (something I don't even do all summer, but I do on the way to school to try to keep cool) until the moment I get back in it damp.  Moist.  Soaked, at times.

I wear as little as I can possibly get away with.

I have a fan.

I don't drink hot drinks.

I'm not alone.  Kids had beads of sweat on their lips and foreheads and they we're even doing physical labor.  I just asked them where the homework and agenda board is located.  Or, could they please put that paper in the homework bin.

So once again, I'd like the know, just how much more fit am I going to get?  I don't think people appreciate it when I tell them the reason I'm wet and smelly is because I'm such an efficient machine.

Forget about letting them see me sweat.  I think if they listen carefully, they can actually HEAR me sweat.

So, I have a new plan.  Mid day underwear changes.  I'm serious.  Isn't it nice to put on clean, dry underwear?  How about when you've been hot and sweaty for hours? 

Clean and dry is the way to go. 

This way, my last two classes will get the same temperament from me that my first class got, back when I didn't look like I was sitting in the sauna.

I'm going to ask if they'll stock them for us in the teacher's lounge.

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