Sunday, September 23, 2012

Barnful of Babies

***Warning, this post is full of puppies and kittens, so you might have to squeal a little.  You've been warned.***

There's something for everyone at the barn these days!!

Here's what's going on around the barn:

Lots of scratching and rubbing.

And the winner of the longest tongue contest...  this guy right here.

Are you looking at ME?

Now I'm gonna come look at YOU!

Two peas in a pod.  It's amazing how much these two look like Gwennevere and Bandit.  Although we rarely saw them getting along this well!

Hey, what about me?
The kittens are the final 3 from the crazy stall full of cats from a few weeks ago.  They will stay there as barn cats.  They are really cute and now that they have stuff to climb on, they are crazy!
The puppies and their mother were found on the side of the road in N. Carolina and were rescued and brought up here last week.  2 were given away today and three others are already claimed (none by me!), so there's just one more and the mother.  I think they will end up staying as barn dogs.  The one with the white snout is my favorite right now but the longest tongue boy is very loyal and won't leave you once you touch him.  He's the mother's favorite too.
So far, the kittens and puppies are in different stalls, but at some point, they will all be out running around.  It's going to be a fun fall!

On a side note that has nothing to do with animals, go see what creativity has been going on in a-ster's sewing room!  Check out the last couple of posts.  Well, it does have to do with babies because l-ster is modeling her finery.  Or running away, you decide.


  1. Awe, how cute!! It's so sad when animals are abandoned. I rescued a German Shepard with 5 puppies some years back, she was left by her family to fend for herself.

    We gave the pups away and kept her. She ended up adopting the neighbors after a few years. I guess she needed to be where kids are and my had since gone.

  2. Yeah, definitely running away haha.
    Those kittens are so cute. I don't remember them. Were they at the barn when we came by?


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