Sunday, September 2, 2012

sssSSSSSS---------->>>>>>> BOOOOOOOM!

When I was in high school, we had a pep rally every year.  I think we had two, actually.  One for homecoming in October and then it seems like the other was in the spring, but I might be mixing that up with senior's last assembly.  Which was much more serious than a pep rally.  

I was a cheerleader, you'd think I might remember when the rallies took place but it seems like cheerleaders actually weren't part of the rallies.  That makes no sense.  Cheerleaders ALWAYS run the pep rallies in the movies.


We had a principal who seemed to like pep rallies and he was all about class spirit competitions.  Each grade level sat in a quadrant of the bleachers in the gym and had a little rivalry going with costumes, posters, and lots of yelling.  His claim to fame was the following:

There are two parts to a bomb.  The ssssss and the BOOOM. 

Well, the way he said it, it sounded like:  there ahhhh 2 pahts to a boooooohhhhhhmb. 

And then he'd have one side of the gym be the ssssss and the other side was the boom.  Then it would go grade by grade to see who had the most spirit.  It would get really loud and really heated!

Completely ridiculous.

I was thinking about the idiocy of this whole thing recently.  Our principal there in a nice suit and tie, making one side of the gym go sssss and then running (literally) to the other side to make them go BOOM. 

What the hell did it mean?

Why were we imitating a bomb?

What did that have to do with school spirit?

Were we blowing up the competition? 

Were there sticks of dynamite we were supposed to be lighting?

Why did we do it?  Because he was running in a suit and he was the principal so we did what he said?  Was it actually fun to go sssss boom?

And most importantly, can you even imagine if a principal encouraged this today, in 2012?  Encouraging kids to think about bombs while in the gym?  And then mimicing the noises?

I think he became a legend because of the 2 parts to a bomb thing.

That's definitely how I'd like to be remembered.  The teacher who made kids imitate ammunition.

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  1. we had competitions singing the school song. It always involved boys dressing up as cheerleaders and girls in football costumes. We were so original. (Makes since now why one certain boy was always suggesting the cross dressing!)

  2. we never had a school song. we had one in elementary and college but somehow, never at my high school. there was always a lot of cross dressing encouraged in high school, wasn't there? during spirit week, we always had a cross dressing day and it was such a big deal!

  3. My daughter cheers for a recreational football team, and they STILL do this dynamite cheer:

    We're dynamite, we're dynamite
    BOOM! Dynamite.
    BOOM! Dynamite.

    Maybe they get away with this because it's out in the open and not an enclosed space?

    1. I know, all those cheers we used to do were rotten: we're gonna squish you, blow you up, burn your britches. I'm surprised those still exist. But I guess no one associates the cheers with the school, so no one has questioned it. I don't personally care, they can talk all they want about blowing things up, but this world we live in get so worked up about what seems so harmless, I'm shocked that kids haven't been suspended for saying the word dynamite. I think if a principal today did that sssss booom thing, someone would right out of their minds and there would be some hell to pay!!


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