Monday, September 24, 2012

One More Barn Baby

Yesterday, I showed you the latest barn babies.  But there's one more baby at the barn this week.  It's a crybaby.  And her name is Sparkling.

Yesterday, I rode Candy, who I loved riding in August.  She's the one I was riding bareback here.   I rode her for a few weeks and enjoyed every ride.  Then she went a little lame and I couldn't ride her for a while.    They changed her shoes and now she's sound again.

I was tickled when r-ster said I could ride her again. 

I was not so tickled when I fell off of her, not once, but TWICE in the same lesson!  I haven't fallen off in a really long time.  I was recently thinking I'm pretty good about keeping everyone that I ride in control and how I haven't had to bail off a horse since I've been at this barn.  Except once when I was jumping Tucker and I knew I wasn't landing right and sort of slid off, but I landed on my feet so I dont' consider it a fall, per se.

So, Candy and I were just walking around at the beginning and she was snorting and sneezing like they all do as they get warmed up.  And she went bananas and took off.  I fell off but it wasn't so awful.  More of a surprise for both of us.  And she stopped right away.  I thought maybe she scared herself sneezing.

I got back on and told her that was enough of that.

We were having a great lesson, she was doing what I was asking (mostly) and I asked her to canter.  After a few attempts, she did.  And as I was settling in, she revved up and really went crazy and I went flying off.  She was racing around and all I could think is that she was going to slam up both face first into the wall.  And this time, instead of stopping to look at me on the ground, she went for another lap or two, just crazy.

Somehow, I torn the skin  below one nail, so I was  bleeding.  And I scraped my hand which is virtually impossible given the texture of the floor.  It's not sand or dirt, it's this super soft stuff.  I can't figure out what I scraped my hand on.

And both times, I hit my head, slightly.  Thank God I wear a helmet.  I checked it and it's not cracked or damaged.  And whenever I fall, I jump right back up and get right back on because I know that's the best thing to do psychologically.  And the adrenline pumping through makes everything feel fine.  Ha ha ha ha.

Adrenaline is such a bitch.

I rode for a little while longer and cantered her the other way and she was fine.  But my trust is a little shaken with her now because she wasn't being bad like Tucker sometimes was before I would fall off.  It was really out of the blue.  Both times, it was in the same direction and right around the same place.  Who knows what really goes through their minds.   I'm sure there was some ghost there that was looking at her.   I really, really felt a connection with her last month, but this time, it was totally different.  I'm not sure what I think about riding her again.

And then I got home and the stiffness started and my neck started hurting. UGH.  At least she's about 1 foot closer to the ground than Tucker, so it wasn't such an impact when I fell.  I sure do "feel this one in the morning".

And at least I didn't land on this.

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  1. Ouch! It's never fun to fall, no matter what your falling off yep you're gonna be sore for a while but dang, what fun your having! I saw the gymkhana video and man that looks like a blast!

    My husband and I have two horses. We don't do any formal riding, just trails in the hills and stuff but I like the idea of those games! Good for you for taking lessons!


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