Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Just Have One Thing To Say

These are gross.  This is yet another example of what humans will fall for.  With the constant worry about fats in our diets, everyone looks for ways to get around it while enjoying food.  Recently, companies have been making various "veggie" products that trick us into thinking we are eating healthier things.
There are those Snap-Pea Crisps that people think are just freeze dried peas.  They aren't.  They are mostly corn.
There are "apple sticks" at Trader Joe's right now that are mostly corn. 
I knew when I bought these they were not really vegetables that were freeze dried into sticks.  A lot of people think they are tomatoes or spinach just freeze dried au naturel and bagged for our enjoyment.  The first ingredient is potato paste.  The spinach and the tomato are much further down the list and are really just added for color since there's not much taste difference.
But the gross part about these isn't the trickery.  It's the taste.  They are simply gross.  I keep eating them because I see them and think "oh yeah, that is exactly what I was looking for". 
But it's not.
I need to remember not to buy them ever again.
Because they are gross.

1 comment:

  1. I agree. Especially the green ones that taste like puke, but my kids on the other hand LOVE them. Barf.


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