Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not Unless It Was My....Ball Joints

It's like the universe knew that Finding the Funny's once a month event was happening today and I would need some blogfodder.  Because surely, this was a set up.

We have a very nice administrator in our building who is foreign and rather grandfatherly.  I get a kick out of him and enjoy listening to him, as I do most people who speak English with an accent.  The kids don't always understand him and I've heard my share of "what the eff is that guy saying??"

Today, I heard the cheep cheep of a cell phone getting a text, a total taboo during class.  We all froze to see who would dare leave their phone volume up loud enough for us to hear.  Just as I was about to make a remark, the admin walked by and this was the conversation we had (you must read his lines with a very Inspector Clousseau like accent):

Mr. X, was that you?

He backs up, walks to my door.

We heard a little squeaking sound just now, was that you?

....No.... well, not unless it was my..... ball joints?  They are a little stiff and squeaky.

My students are 14 years old.  All they heard was BALL.  If you could have seen their faces....

I could not shoo him away fast enough.  And then because it was so strangely uncomfortable, I felt like I had to explain what a ball joint is.  So I asked:

Do you know what a ball joint is?

The kids who were already on the floor in  horror that he had said BALL were now doubled over and heaving because now I'm saying BALL too.

And then, I thought I'd demonstrate a ball joint with my hands, you know, like the hip, and how the ball goes in the socket....

This is why I don't teach health.

And then I said:

Ok, are we clear now?  Cuz I saw your faces when he said that....

That was it.  They didn't know whether to scream in hysterics or run away crying.  I was just rubbing salt in the wound. 

They simply came to learn French and then had to get an anatomy lesson and all the adults kept saying BALL JOINT and it was just wild.

And it only got better when, 10 minutes later, he walked by the door and said :

Are you hearing them now?  My ball joints are feeling better....

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  1. You know, my inner 14 year old sometimes giggles about that stuff still too.

  2. I may not be 14, but I definitely laughed at that!

  3. It's great when teenagers make you laugh. I have 2 in my house and mostly they make me cry!

  4. Oh my goodness- I teach 14 year olds, too, and I can only imagine the chaos at the word ball. It's bad enough when I have to teach lay/laid...

  5. Those ball joints are a pain, I'm sure :) Thanks for the Finding Funny love on my post!

  6. His last comment really made me chuckle. All I could think of is our old dodge pickup truck squeaking and groaning with it's bad ball joints.

  7. All I could think of is our old dodge pickup squeaking and groaning with it's bad ball joints. His last comment really made me laugh.

  8. I am 41 and smile (on the inside) whenever someone says balls. My husband and I, on the drive home from vacation one summer, decided to take a detour 30 minutes out of our way to get a photo of a park called "Balls Falls". I would have been one of those 14 year olds rolling on the floor.

  9. Haha- his last comment made me crack up! I definitely laughed at this!!!!!


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