Friday, March 29, 2013

Do You Suffer From Clothesline Droop?

If you have a clothesline, you know that when you first put the rope up, it's always nice and tight and strong.  Over time, it droops and sags and eventually, the clothes just about drag on the ground.

When I put up my new clothesline, I made it a little higher than I should because I'm so short.  But, I knew it would droop, so I put it up pretty high and then as it droops, I tighten it again.  Eventually, I tighten it enough times and the weather gets to it, and it just breaks.  It's a royal pain to untie the knots and retie them.

Cue the light bulb over my head.

I decided if I could use a cleat, like the kind you tie a boat to the dock with, then I'd have a secure line that I could just undo and tighten easily as it droops.

And now, no more droopy lines!  They were very droopy before but the picture has vanished, so you'll have to believe me.

I pretty much need a step ladder to get the first pieces hung on the line but then it's low enough that I can do the rest. And it's not foolproof.  This rope will weather and rot eventually, but at least I can raise it a few times until it does!

And if you have a yard and have never had a clothesline, I cannot emphasize how fantastic it is to put clothes on the line and have them dry, naturally.  Even when there's snow on the ground.  If it's sunny, the clothes will eventually dry!

You have to put up with looking at clothes hanging in the yard, but I clearly have no issues with weird things in the yard so  maybe I'm not the right person to suggest it...

Just think of electricity and money you will save when the drier doesn't run!

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  1. Brilliant! I need to get a real clothesline up. Right now I just use the kids' zip line, which doesn't have nearly enough line to hang all the clothes I wash. Plus, it makes them a little annoyed that they can't use their zip line.

  2. Great Idea. Love it! Visiting by way of Meet and Greet - aka Espacularaiesa


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