Friday, March 22, 2013


I have to go to school in this???

While I listen to every town within 30 miles announcing a 2 hour delay, my district thinks 4 inches is just fine for putting buses on the road and making us go at the normal time.

I know, 4 inches is no big deal.  I've certainly driven in it before.  But we've gotten so soft with cancelling school over a flake, that I have a really hard time understanding why we have a full day of school!

Delayed openings count as full days, so we wouldn't have to make this one up.  But kids who don't come, because their parents either don't want them on a bus in snowy weather or are easily convinced that it says on facebook they have no school, will have this day counted against them for attendance.

I've been up off and on all morning thanks to plows slamming their way down my street, so a couple more hours off would have been just dandy.

I'm complaining about this one 'til the end of time. 


To top it all off, the fire alarm went off about halfway through the morning.  We have a strict policy that you leave the building NO MATTER WHAT when the fire alarm goes off.  This was perfect since I had left my coat and boots in my classroom and had a class in the library.  Outside we trudged, in the back yard, through the snow and stood for about 12 minutes. 

And I forgot to grab my phone so I could text my whininess to the world.

I may never recover from this day.

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  1. That's not that much snow LOL. We got 5 or 6 inches in my town and there was no delay or anything. The roads were cleared by the time the kids had to go and that's fine with me. Delays screw everything up more so than an entire snow day....and we're already going up to June 27th in our town, so NO MORE snow days!


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