Thursday, March 14, 2013

Use Your Powers For Good

Ok, I have to use a picture of myself to enter a contest online.  I'm not giving you many details in the event that I become one of the 15 finalists (I'm a little superstitious like that) but basically, if I win the whole shebang, I can go to France for free this summer and do something REALLY COOOOOOL.

And you can be sure I'll tell you all about it when I win.  Over and over, probably.  And over again.

But, I need your help.  It seems that all of the pictures that I put on my blog are a bit ridiculous.  I combed through all of my electronic picture files and there is not one picture of myself that is even remotely appropriate.  I'm either making a horrid face, wearing something bizarre or standing somewhere I shouldn't be.

Since this contest will likely become solely a popularity contest when it goes live, I think the picture should:

 a) show me in decent clothing
b) probably show a little something of what I actually teach
c) like part a, probably shouldn't be a photo of my derriere.  Although k-ster says a thong would help me win.  Hands down.  Or should I say, pants down.

I felt ridiculous asking any adult to take pictures of me hugging my Eiffel towers, so I had to bring in my digital camera and self shoot myself a million times.  All the while worrying that someone would walk in on this modeling session and have me committed.

And, as always, worrying that I might look like that typical French teacher.  You know, the total whackjob who thinks she's so super French and chic and carries herself with the air of "I know fashion and you don't"?  Right, you know better than to think I could EVER pull that off.

Without further ado, I need your help.  Can you please choose which photo, numbers 1-4 is you absolute choice of the following?  I need this decision by 2pm March 15th so hop on it!





Originally, I had planned to surround myself with the dozen or so glass Eiffel Towers that I have, so it would look like I'm lost in a sea of Eiffel Towers.  But, they are clear, so it just looked like I was surrounded by a bunch of bottles, drunk at the Eiffel Tower.

Maybe these people  and these people and these people and   these people  can help me make a decision too!  

Thank you for the votes on my blog and through my email.

And the winner is:#2.  I had many debates with myself over this and decided that it had the best light and had the most votes.  I don't think my smile is as enthusiastic as in others, but the quality overall seems better.  None of my family voted for that one though.  Probably because I NEVER EVER wear my hair down, so they had no idea who that was in the picture!!

Now, if I'm a finalist, I'll tell you what it's all about!


  1. Four! I love all the paraphernalia. Plus you're facing head on which looks nicer.

  2. I really love TWO - your hair down! :)

  3. I like 2. You have such pretty hair :)

    That contest sounds like the chance of a lifetime. I took French in high school, but don't remember the majority of it since I never had a chance to use it. Maybe one of these days I'll try to relearn it.

  4. Ooohhh - so fun! I like one or two. Good luck!!

  5. How'd you go? I'd choose four :) Very nice photos. Good luck.


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