Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Think I Flashed The Neighborhood

I've long extolled the virtues of outdoor showering.   There's less grime in the shower.  You're not humidifying the whole house and letting mold grow in the bathroom.  I swear the water is different out there even though I know it's the same faucet.  I can splash as much as I want and it doesn't matter.  In the summer, I collect the run off and use it in my non edible plants.

We installed ours back in 2001 and have never stopped using it.  Ok, I have stopped using it for most of the winter, each winter, but k-ster uses it pretty much year 'round.

Last year, we had a mild winter so he went out every night for a shower.  This year, it's been colder, so we've actually had it turned off more than usual.

I don't usually take them outside until the weather warms up.  Except the winter when we had a broken indoor faucet and I had to take showers outside in December!

The shower door currently looks like this.

Since it's winter and has been dark at like 4:30 for months, k-ster hasn't worried about the door.  He just set it to the side and when it falls down, he picks it back up and reminds me we need to get a new door.

Tonight, it was still light at 7pm, so I thought I'd take a shower outside since it was like 40 degrees and I didn't have to shave tonight (because goosebumps are hard to shave).  I was thoroughly enjoying the warm water, the nearing dusk,  the half way point of my shower, when I looked to the left and saw this.

The fence between the front yard and the side yard, where the outdoor shower is located, is missing a slat.  When k-ster told me this after a big storm, I was like yeah, yeah, we'll fix that when we get around to fixing the door (never).  Little did I know that it provides a direct view into the shower.  The one that currently doesn't have a door.  While it was still light out.

I took this from the shower.  A direct view of the road.

If you were one of those unfortunate souls, out walking after supper, and you looked over and saw me showering, I am so very sorry!

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  1. That must have come as a bit of a surprise to the passers by. The question is whether it was a pleasant or an unpleasant one ;P

  2. LMFAO!! I've never showered outside, but somehow I don't think I'd like it much.

  3. I love the idea of an outside shower!

  4. Woo..not I want an outdoor shower...the non-flashy type.

  5. LOL!!!!! An outside shower anyone!!! Funny Funny as usual:)

  6. This is my biggest fear about outdoor showers. Except I somehow think someone will see me from above.

    1. Yeah, I wasn't able to enjoy my outdoor showers for this very reason!

  7. Hehe!! You make showering outdoors so appealing. I once used an outdoor shower that had a conch shell at the tap and bamboo slats for the walls. I'm afraid there were gaps in those walls too.


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