Sunday, June 9, 2013

Asking For A Little Help

I made this using the Fruit and Cheese Cutter and LOVED the way it worked!!  It's melon, not cheese on there!!

I don't talk about this very much on here, but I am a Pampered Chef consultant as well as a lia sophia jewelry consultant.  I have been with lia sophia since 2008 and I really like it.

Last year, a friend of mine and I did a disastrous double show.  She did Pampered Chef, I did lia sophia and between us, I think we made about 5 cents and put in a ton of work for it.  We did this 2 other times and learned that we need to stay away from each other because when people see us together, they want everything and can't make decisions and go home with all of their cash and we look like idiots.

However, in that time together, we chatted about both companies and she convinced me to join Pampered Chef to help her become a manager.  I am not easily convinced, so I'd love to know what she put in that pizza to lead me into the life of Pampered Chef.

It was the beginning of summer and she assured me she would not be mad if I just gave it a whirl for the summer and jumped ship when school began.  So, I did it.  Having already been with lia sophia for a while, I "got" how it all worked and it was easy to balance both.

However, I was not in love with doing the shows at people's houses in the million degree heat.  It seemed everywhere I went, people didn't have AC or if they did, it wasn't working.  I kind of stopped loving the whole idea and gave it up.

Or so I thought. 

Around Christmas, someone wanted to place an order which put me back in the running.  Then I let it all go again and thought I was really done until a little bird told me about doing facebook shows.  Lia sophia frowns on this, plus you really have to see the jewelry in person, but Pampered Chef is all about doing shows on facebook.

I don't even use facebook for myself, but I created a page for my business and made a goal to have one online show every week.  And since April, with the exception of a week that I knew I could not manage it, I have done just that! 

How do I do them?  I make it like a game and people earn points for commenting, liking and being a part of the whole event.  They get points for ordering, booking shows, etc.  Then, I play a Jeopardy game at the end and award my prizes.

Here's where I need help.  I need a show for this week that is just Monday-Friday because I need to get a free Cool and Serve Tray and that offer goes away on the weekend (I do have a show this week but it will end too late!)  So, I decided to be the hostess.  But then I realized, I can't invite anyone because I don't have a facebook page for myself and I really don't want one.

So, if you would like to play along with my game this week, you can click here and join the event.  Then play along and book your own show or place and order!  Invite your friends, whatever you'd like.  It's fun, easy peasy and there's a great special for you:  order $60 or more in products and get the Quick Stir Pitcher for free!

One more thing:  if you have $150 in orders yourself by Friday, YOU will get the Cool and Serve tray for free, too!

One last thing:  I am not going to harass my regulars with Pampered Chef or lia sophia stuff, so don't worry that this is turning into one of "those" blogs!

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