Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time For Senior Pictures

I promised no more greatest hits, but it is the end of the school year and yearbooks have come out.   I haven't seen a high school yearbook in years, so I don't know if outdoor pictures are still the trend but I assume they are.  In our middle school, you just sit in front of a screen and get your picture taken, and you pay no attention to what you look like.  You would not believe the shirts kids have on when it comes time for pictures nowadays.

Back when we were in school, people cared about how they looked for pictures!  Remember?????

Did Your Senior Pictures Look Like These?

When I went to college in the south, I learned that different parts of the country have different traditions when it comes to senior pictures.  And prom dresses.  But this post isn't about prom dresses because I would have to scan those pictures and I'm lazy.

What I learned about senior pictures is that in some places, everyone had the same "drape" over them and all of the girls wore pearls.  That was a classy look and some of those weren't even private schools.  It sure would have eliminated some of the atrocities we had in our yearbook.

Here, where I live, it's really common to take your picture at the beach.  Senior pictures, wedding pictures, family pictures- I dislike these family pictures the most.  Everyone wears the exact same clothes, usually white shirts and khaki. They all sit and/or stand in front of a dune.  Often you don't even see water.   Ewwww.  Or, a new trend, everyone except ONE PERSON wears the same thing and then that other person wears something totally different.

In reality, beach pictures aren't all that flattering for the majority of skin tones.  ***When I say pictures at the beach, I do mean in nice clothes, not bikinis.  Those would be SOME kind of senior pictures, wouldn't they????***

I remember lots of people in  my senior class having the typical, preppy beach picture.  They wore white, which just washed them out.  Or they laid down on the sand, which was weird in a sweater.  Or, in some cases, the boys wore light aqua (I am not kidding) sweaters.  I chose not to do the beach thing.  Not consciously, probably more financially.  And  today, I'm glad for that.

My senior pictures were done by a weird man in a studio.  I was alone.  I don't know what we were thinking.  On my way there, I had a little fender bender, so I was a little shaken.  We did 2 types of shots.  One outside, one inside.  "outside" was just outside his door, in the "woods" which was really next to one tree.  The other was inside his studio with a bizarre background.  No, not lasers in the background as was quite popular back then.  THANK GOD.  Kind of like an impressionist type background.  I wore a dress that sort of blended in with it.  It was all kind of like kismet.  My hair did this amazing thing (I call it straight) which is shocking because it was summer and humid.  He said nice things, like I should be a model (which I now know meant "can I take naked pictures of you?") and all in all, I liked the indoor scene and that's what I chose.  I'm still glad about that decision.  Even if you aren't.  P.S.  I took a picture of this picture, thus the flash glare and color issue with my dress.

But the reason I am writing this post?  Besides taking a trip down memory lane?  Is because last weekend, k-ster and I went out for a walk in the woods, as I explained here.  You'd think we had done something big for the big deal I made of it.

For some reason, when we came upon this rock, I told k-ster to sit on it while I took his picture.  And now all I can think is that it looks like a senior picture.  Except, a professional photographer probably would have told him to take the bush out of his crotch.  I'm so unprofessional.

He, on the other hand, took this picture of me because we were pretty fascinated with this tree.  And I was fascinated that the opening was big enough for me to stand in without banging my head.  There were some other weird pictures where it looked like I was floating in between them and were otherwise just very unflattering.

This would NOT have been a good senior picture.  But someone in my yearbook would have taken a picture just like this and thought it was the best thing ever. 

So, the point of my story is that I need you to go post your senior picture on your site and tell us about it so we can go see it.  We need to see what was "cool" in your day.  Go do it!! It'll be fun, I promise!!  Leave a comment to tell us where to find you!

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  1. ROFL I did not see the bush till you mentioned it. I don't have any of my senior shots, as I did not think to ask my mother for them when i moved away from home. I remember they were with my cap and gown on. The tradition then was to go to the photographer's studio and have your pictures in cap and gown...for females it also ment the shoulder reveal as well. You know where they make you drape the velvet gown around your shoulders so you have your shoulders bare.

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  2. I will post a senior picture in a few days. Mine were from 1972. They were black & white. Just a studio picture in a sweater. Really only a head and shoulders shot. My son had his senior pictures done this year and they were done in a park. He had 3 different outfits. We also did studio shots, again 3 outfits. His yearbook picture was white shirt & tie.

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  3. Here is my senior picture!! I put it on the bottom of this post!

  4. I was so fugly back in high school that I refused to get senior pictures taken!


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