Friday, June 28, 2013

Now Go Clean Your Room

Home staging is a fairly new trend, at least where I live, and in my head, I've always thought I understood what it  means.  The women I've met at my business women's group who are home stagers always make it sound like they come in and do wonderful things to make your house presentable for selling.  At least, that's how they explain it.

Recently, our newspaper did a splash about a home stager and included pictures of what she did.  The article went on and on about what wonderful work she does, etc. and how home staging is what really helps to sell a house.

All she did was clean up!  I thought home staging involved moving around furniture, putting something in a different room because it looked better there, setting the table so people could imagine leisurely dinners in the dining room, etc.

Look at these pictures and you'll see that she put a cover over the chaired and moved it to the other corner, she moved the dresser and cleaned up a little bit.  She didn't move furniture from one room to the other.  She didn't do much more than a maid would do!

Here, she just moved a couple of pieces from one side of the room to the other, she cleaned off the bench at the foot of the bed and she took the long curtains from the left picture and "draped" them for the second picture.

And for this, she gets paid as a home stager?  She CLEANED UP.   She did what a housekeeper would do  but made significantly more money.

So basically, when our mothers told us to go clean our rooms, and we actually did it, we should have been paid for all that work we did to "stage" our room?  Every time I actually cleaned my room, the only way that satisfied me was to move it around.  I had no idea I had such lucrative skills at my disposal.

Right now, it looks like my French classroom threw up all over the living room because everything is sitting there in a holding pattern.  I better get off my butt and stage it so k-ster can pay me the big bucks when he gets home.

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  1. Since I actually remove my couch to vacuum and take everything off surfaces to dust and move all of the chairs out of the kitchen to mop could I be considered a stager? If so, who can I talk to for a paycheck?


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