Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thank God I Found My Summer Uniform

I have tried a bunch of running skirts and haven't been especially thrilled with the built in shorts in any of them.  Marshall's had these Avia ones so I bought one and fell in love.    I thought the color was going to be out of control. but with a black top it's totally doable.  I did get a new top that has some orange and magenta and it looks OK with it, but I would not spend the day in because I would have to really suck it in all day and I just can't do that with the heat we're having right now.

The built in shorts are not too bad.   They mostly stay in place and I got so effing hot and sweaty while mowing today, that I was really, really pleased with how they stayed where they belonged.  The skirt flows nicely too, so it didn't roll around or get stuck up on my butt shelf.

I also love the wide waistband.

I think wide waistbands are the key to a good life.  Wide waistbands and no thongs.  I believe thongs are the reason women get bitchy.  I'm serious.  I only wear riding pants that have wide waistbands and when I buy new workout capris, skirts or shorts, I try to get them with wide waistbands too because they do a lot of disguising and don't cut in.  Usually, they are also short in the rise which I need because I am so short waisted.

I tried to show you my butt but do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your butt with an ipad?  Even when you reverse the camera it's impossible.

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  1. I wear long pants with a teeny tiny small jogging bra under my tank because: 1. My thighs are gigantic and even my knees are chubby and, 2. My boobs bounce a lot (I've been told by friends and family driving by), which is why I compress them.


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