Monday, June 24, 2013

The Best Looking Pizza I've Ever Made

Thanks to the magic of my breadmaker, I have been making pizza since October about once a week.  I haven't had pizza from outside my house in over 6 months and I'm ok with that!  I use the recipe for crust from the Zojirushi manual and it never fails.

Tonight was just spectacular as far as looks!  I usually don't get them actually round or rectangular and since I'm not serving it to Martha Stewart, I don't really care.  I was really excited when they did what they were supposed to tonight, though!!

For the round one, I used cooked ground turkey with a little Pampered Chef 3 Onion Rub, store bought sauce (I just don't make it well from scratch), a combination of cheeses and some onion.

For the rectangular one, I used basil for a pesto bottom, mushrooms, onion and the same cheese combo.  I just recently learned about using pesto instead of red sauce and it makes for a really nice change!

Watch how excited I am about my Pampered Chef Mega Lifter to get the pizzas off the stones:

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  1. pizza!! yum..what you made sounds delish! might try making homemade pizza..we also have bread maker that we haven't use in a while.
    journally yours,
    Gem :)


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