Saturday, September 21, 2013

700 Hundred Posts

700 hundred posts!  700 hundred posts??   Did she really write 700 posts?

Read it in a Disney character's voice.   Especially a frantic one.   It's funny.

That's right, mes amis, this is my 700th post.  It's really remarkable.  I've have over 600 things to tell you in 3 years.

It's really not all that remarkable if you know me in real life.

I guess I have a lot to say.

However, I seem to have nothing clever, creative, fascinating or even funny to say today, on my 700th blogiversary.

I do, however, have a picture to share from the old days.  I read somewhere that people only want to read posts that have pictures in them.  Enjoy the view.

I've told you all about my super tiny bladder.

I've shown you my creativity and my craftastrophe.

I've told you why I might need glasses.

I ranted about Verizon (and I'm still mad about the same situation).

I took you to Paris with 14 students, to the National Zoo, to a wedding or two, out snowblowing with k-ster and mowing with me, and the list just goes on.

What does one say after 699 conversations with the internet?  Have I run out of things to say?
Fear not!  I don't think that could ever happen.

I have nothing new to say today but I will remind you about my all time favorite post because the scene is still so fresh in my head and just so funny to me, even right now.

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  1. 700 seems like way more than I can imagine! I don't even think I'm at 100 yet. Also, the link goes to fabulous farm living and not my post haha.

  2. Hi Sparkling-wow 700 Congrats!! That is a big number!

  3. That is awesome. Congrats! Here's to another 700!


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