Thursday, September 5, 2013

Can I Get An 8th Grader For Just One Second, Please?

After just 2 days with 4th and 5th grade, I am liking the change of pace.  It's a very different way of life that my very high strung self needs to learn to live with.

No bells.

No rush.

Kids get escorted to and from my class.

It's all very blase.  The teachers apologize for being late but they know there's nothing I 'm going to do.  Most are afraid I might speak French to them so they quickly flee.

It's all got me very off kilter, all this easiness and cooperation.

Today, however, I wanted an 8th grader for just a second.  Because today, I discovered that when you give a 4th or 5th grader a pocket folder, you must be sure that it is facing in the exact direction it should be so that when it opens, it opens like a book.

Because when you give them one haphazardly, and tell them to write their first French sentence (my name is....), they get so excited to write a) with a marker instead of a pencil and b) in FRENCH that they just write on it. Just the way you put it on the table.

Some came up in a panic that theirs was "broken" because when they opened it, it opened left to right because they did it BACKWARDS or UPSIDE DOWN.  Could I give them another?

Sorry, I have one for each student (all 510, thankyouverymuch) so you will just have to live with it.  One girl was fascinated that I simply turned it right side up and it opened right to left, just like a book!  It wasn't broken at all1

I have all manner of Je m'appelle Olivia (I am DONE with that name already) all over the cover.  Top, bottom, on the back, you name it.

No 8th grader would ever do that.  And if they did, they would quickly fix and never tell me and hope I never noticed.

So, for just 1.5 seconds, I wished I was in 8th grade so I wouldn't have to see so many names on the wrong parts of the folder!

But then I heard a rumor that a 5th grader whispered to her teacher "this was FUN" and I remembered why I want to be with these kids.  They think French is FUN!

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  1. "Most are afraid I might speak French to them so they quickly flee." That was very funny and true! If you started speaking French to me I would run away too! I think you should get some sparkly stickers and the kids can put them over the spots where they inadvertently wrote their names. They could earn the stickers by parlez vousing Francais.


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