Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to My Billiards Room

When k-ster created the patio, I didn't realize that what he was really doing was creating a billiards room or man cave.  Last week, this appeared on the side of the house.

K-ster started playing darts last year.  I didn't know much about it except that I had no interest, but k-ster though it would be fun, so he joined a team.

For a "sport" that is meant to be played in a bar while everyone is drinking, the whole league thing is pretty serious and they actually have organized games every week and then play offs.  I spent last year during both "seasons" amazed that they actually got everyone on the team to the right place at the right time each week and they actually won!

There are many different levels of teams and it's all very complicated when k-ster starts trying to explain the points system and the kinds of games to me.  There's lots of vocabulary that I can't remember but tons and cricket are two that I remember.  Cricket as an actual sport is pretty mind numbing, so combining that with darts, an equally mind numbing game just does nothing to entice me.  Scoring is different depending on which type of game you are playing.

And somehow, they all keep it straight, even while there's a beer in their hands.

They even have a serious schedule:

Where games are hosted by different bars each week.  At the end of the season, they have finals and playoffs and then winners are declared.

The whole process continues to boggle my brain.

K-ster was some kind of darts natural and won just about every game he played.  Both seasons.  In fact, I think his whole team won the first one and came in 2nd for the second season but I could be wrong.  I get very confused when he talks about it because there are individual wins and team wins.

Again, they all keep it straight with beer in their hands and I can't keep  it straight when I'm totally straight.

He always played out in the garage but out of nowhere last week, he decided it would be fun to play right on the patio.  That way, he said, he can play while I read.  Hmmmm.  Intriguing.

He knew if he said I could read, I wouldn't complain about an ugly dartboard on the side of the house.

Now he gets the added challenge of playing in wind, which they never have in the bars.

Once in a while, I throw some darts to see if I'm any good.  I think it's the most tedious thing I've ever done.  It's very boring.  And when you play for real, you only throw 3 darts at a time and then you have to walk up and get them and start over.  K-ster gives me 6 to throw and even that is like super boring because after 6 throws you have to walk over and get them.

And did you know, you're not always trying to hit a bull's eye?  Can you believe that?  Some games have nothing to do with the bull's eye.

Definitely not my thing.

Oh, and their team name?  The Dirty Hos.  Because they play for a restaurant called the Land Ho! as in when you're on a ship and spy land and the mate yells "land ho!"  A lot of the teams have weird name.  And then they get shirts with the names on them.  Except on the shirts, they spelled it Ho's .  Like the dirty hos are owning something.  Like when they wear the shirts, they are stating that they belong to the dirty ho.

No amount of correcting it gets through.

And if you win the tournament, you get what looks like a bowling shirt with your own name embroidered on it.

I never thought the day would come when k-ster would don a bowling shirt and go out for the evening.

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