Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sneaky Pete- Evil Genius or Lazy Susan?

When people get married, I make them quilts.  I've been doing it since college.  My mother does and it sounded like a good idea, so I jumped on the bandwagon.  She sends hers out to be professionally quilted but I use the old fashioned method of tying or, for a while, using the quilting machine that just made me swear a lot.

I've made more than I can remember.  I don't go to a  lot of weddings, but somehow, I've made quite a few wedding quilts.  That's weird because why would I give them a quilt if I didn't attend the wedding?  How would I get it to them?   I've never mailed a quilt.  And if I wasn't invited to the wedding, then I probably wouldn't be excited to make quilt for them....

Maybe I've been to more weddings than I realize.

I used to work really hard to try to create the quilt in colors that were on the bride's registry.  I understand that nothing is more foolish than getting something like a big quilt that's in some hideous color that you'll never want to look at it.  And not everyone has a guest room anymore, so you can't just say "oh we'll put it in the guest room".

Then people stopped putting sheets and towels on their registries.  Or, they just put white or cream.  No colors.

So I was left to imagine what they'd like.

I made several with colors that look like the beach:  cream, green, blue, yellow.  I really liked those but I have no idea what the people thought.

Then I decided that maybe a queen size quilt isn't the best gift.  I don't use a quilt, I use duvets with covers that I wash every time I change the bed.  No top sheets, no tucking in sheets.  I would never use a quilt if someone gave one to me.  And I don't have a guest room.  And it's probably kind of presumptuous to give someone something so large if they didn't pick out the colors or pattern.  I would want to pick out the colors and pattern of a quilt if you were making one for me.  But don't because I won't use it.

So I've started making smaller quilts that can be throws in the living room or bedroom.  They could possibly even pass as twin size.

My favorite pattern is the What Knot pattern.  It's not hard to do and I like the way the colors twist  in the knots.

When I made the two quilts in this post, I gave the blue and yellow one to a couple right then.  But I didn't have anyone to give the green one to, so I put it on my etsy.  Lots of people have liked it, but no one has bought it.

I have a wedding to go to soon and I have never met the bride.  I've known the groom since high school.  It's a little weird that I've never met her.  I met most of his other girlfriends and somehow, this one has never been around.

I've been debating what to make for a quilt.

And then I remembered the green quilt that isn't selling on my etsy.  Hmmm, is it cheating to give them that?  I didn't make it especially for them, but does it matter?  I made it.  I didn't mess it up or anything, it's quite nice.

And it would save me a lot of time, not making a new one right now.

I'm playing fast and loose and leaving it on my etsy for a little longer to see if it sells.  I'd like to sell it because, well, it's nice to sell things, isn't it?  And I could whip together a new one if I had to before the wedding.

So, am I cheating?  Does it mean less because I didn't think of this couple while I was making the quilt, as I usually do?

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  1. Oh wow, what a talent you have. Good for you. I took sewing in high school, so I can only imagine the time you put into making them.

  2. Not cheating at all! I think it's serendipity! And, saves you a ton of time. Good thinking! The quilt is beautiful. I love quilts. I use them under the duvet though, so no one sees them, but I have a ton - my grandma used to make them all the time and now my sister does.

  3. I love this, and I looked at the blue one too. They have two very different looks even though they are the same pattern. Not cheating at all. They should be thrilled with it.

  4. I, too, admire your handiwork and the colors are really nice--not stark and scary. It's the thought that counts. Since you took the time to make it, then I think it's quite an appropriate gift.


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