Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Well, This Gave Me Pause...

"This spray bottle was proudly assembled by the mentally and physically challenged people in Michigan."

Ummm, no, it was not.  It was ASSEMBLED by me.  I poured in the liquid and screwed on the spray top, thus assembling it.

I am neither mentally nor physically challenged and I do not live in Michigan.  And I was not at all proud that I was able to screw on the top.

And another thing.  It implies that all of the people in Michigan are mentally or physically challenged and that it took all of them to assemble this.  When I was in college, being politically correct was en vogue and we were told that you no longer could say things like "the blind" or "the deaf" because it was demeaning to people who are deaf or blind or otherwise disabled.  Wow, we probably weren't supposed to say disabled either, I can't remember.

Instead, we were told to say "people who are blind" or "people who are deaf" because somehow, that made it less demeaning.  I can't tell you how one is better than the other, but being new to the education scene, I embraced it and made sure to never refer to disabled people as "the disabled" but instead, "people who are disabled". And then I met a "teacher of the deaf" and I was like WAIT, you can't say that anymore!

I guess that was just a Vanderbilt campus pip dream because the rest of the country was and is still saying such demeaning things as "the blind".

What a nice derailment that was of my train of thought...

Maybe it should read "This spray bottle was proudly (choose one) manufactured by/packaged by/designed by some people in Michigan who are mentally or physically disabled."

Anyone want to hire me to write their tagline/byline/slogan?  It could be as awesome as the one I just wrote!

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