Wednesday, May 14, 2014


These days, all I seem to hear about are bras that lift and flatter, accentuate, enhance, etc.  No longer are we supposed to crush, smoosh or diminish the boobolas.  We are supposed to fly them high and proud whether we're on the beach, exercising, or just laying around the house.

I, however, never seem to hear these messages and prefer to flatten, diminish and not at all support the tatas.   And somehow, I manage to make that known all over my blog....

I tell you all  of this so that you might feel the slightest bit sorry for me and my stupidity as I recount the messages between my sister a-ster and me yesterday.

If you don't follow her on instagram (@callajaire) or view her blog on a regular basis ( then you might have missed this shirt that she made for herself and posted the other day.

She didn't design this one, but she said it was a quick one to make.  I love the way it hangs and stripes are all the rage,  so I told her she should make me one!

So, she sent me a text and an imessage, telling me she needs my high bust measurement.  I got them when I was at school and I don't carry a tape measure with me, so I figured I'd do it right before I got in the shower last night.

So, as I was getting undressed, I remembered, and got my tape measure.  I measured and sent her the numbers.

She sent back a text right away asking "that's the high bust measurement, right?"

I was starting to get a little worried.  This was the 3rd time in one day she mentioned the "high bust".

I  made sure I was wearing a regular bra, not a sports bra and measured them at their perkiest and highest level, so I could get the "high bust" measurement.

Does this mean she thinks I run around with no bra and I need to be reminded?

Are they so saggy that this is her way of reminding me that  maybe I should wear one when I first get up in the morning if I visit so I don't scare people away?

I realize that we are supposed to be lifting, lifting, lifting, but I'm was pretty sure I couldn't get them any higher to make a number that would please her.

So, completely losing my confidence in my sewing skills, I wrote back that I wasn't really sure what she meant if that number didn't seem right to her.

And she sent a picture, kind of like this.

So, it turns out, no bra even needed to be worn.  It's all about what happens just above the actual bust.

All the lifting and pulling in the world wouldn't give me the right number.  They could be ask perky as the day is long and it wouldn't have mattered.

And because she laughed so hard at what I thought the high bust was, I decided to survey some women I know.  If people don't sew, surely they wouldn't know the answer, right?

6 out of 7 knew exactly what the high bust is and actually burst out laughing when I explained what I thought it was.  The one who would didn't know what it is thought the same thing that I did, though without thinking they should be at their highest and perkiest.  She just thought it meant make sure to corral them into a bra before measuring.

Yes, I sew, but I don't use measurements.   I probably should stick to making quilts.

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