Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do You Buy Your Car Where You Eat?

A well known owner of a few restaurants in town has recently opened a car dealership.  His restaurants and pretty successful and he does a nice job of making them look good.  So, he's done a nice job with the car dealership's look.

It's nice to drive by and see a bunch of clean cars and since it's spring, everything's lush and in bloom.

However, he has an ad that makes me so mad every time I hear it, I want to drive over to that very dealership and smash all of the cars.

First of all, he speaks, himself, on the ad.  That's kind of weird.

And he calls himself by his first name only.  Like he knows that everyone knows him.

And he mentions his successful restaurants.

And then he says he opened the dealership.

And all of that is fine.

Until he says:  if you like dining in our restaurants, you're gonna love buying a car from us.

What?  dining, buying a car.  I see no similarity.

If I like your restaurant ( and we know that will never actually happen because I don't like to go out to eat), it's because I like your food.  I like how it's cooked and/or presented.  I like that your place is clean and bright and not too noisy.

If I like your car dealership (and we know that will never actually happen because who likes car dealers?)) it's because I think you sold me a car at a reasonable price and didn't try to squeeze every dime out of me and didn't feed me a line of bull.

But one would never cross with the other.

Because you serve good food, I would never think that you sell cars well.


Because you gave me a great deal on  my car, I would never think you could make a good meal.

But here's the part of the ad that grates on me the most.  He says you're going love this new place because he says so!  He actually says (about 5 times in the ad) because (let's call him Pete) Pete says so!

Really?  Because Pete says so, I'm going to love buying a car from him?

His voice is so obnoxious when he says it, I have to change stations.

Guess what, Pete.  I'm suddenly not hungry and I sure don't want a new car.

He may be a very successful business man but he totally missed the boat when he made that commercial!

Oh, shhhh, I better be careful.  Boats might be his next endeavor.

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