Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scaring Auntiejo

It doesn't take much, really, to freak me out.  Send me right over the edge.  Make me a basket case.

There's the typical fear of spiders, the dark, the boogeyman.  Helium filled ballons.

All your normal things.

But this is probably over the top.

My niece, L-ster, is turning 3 this week and she's full of imagination.  She played incessantly with some plastic spoons for a while, turning them into everything from an umbrella to a stethoscope to help a sick stuffed animal.

I thought something fun and imagination-inducing would be perfect for her birthday, so I got her this.

A full-blown toy medical set.  Stethoscope, a special nametag (which I think can be personalized but I couldn't really tell) thermometer, special glasses, even a cell phone (because nothing reassures me more than my doctor chatting or text on her phone).

She will probably go ga-ga over this.  She will spend hours pretending to have a hospital.  She will make sure everyone is more than well.

I, on the other hand was trembling as I wrapped it.  I am not the biggest fan of anything medical.  Never have been.  It's not like I have to take Xanax before I see a doctor, but I don't love going and I'm always pretty sure every twinge in my body is the last one I'll have before death snatches me away.

I've always been like this. 

I couldn't even look at the the fire station when we passed it when I was in 1st grade.  I was pretty sure if I looked at it, the ambulance would come and get me, because it would know I was sick when I didn't know myself.

Head case, I know.

I don't remember any of my friends having these pretend doctor sets when I was little, but I can assure you, if someone had one, it would have been my last visit to their house.  I would have left, shaking in my boots, sure that the next time, I would actually contract some terrible illness because I pretended I had one.

L-ster, on the other hand, seems like a totally normal child who will use this to take care of all of her pandas and maybe some other stuffed animals if they rate high enough.

She will probably never worry that wearing fake glasses will mean she's really asking to be blind. 

Or that giving pretend ear checks will result in becoming deaf. 

And surely, checking reflexes will not mean she will lose the ability to walk.

Hopefully, this will send her right into the medical field so when auntiejo really is sick, she can put on her fake glasses, wear her special name tag, get on her cell phone and fix her right up!

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