Saturday, May 10, 2014

Winging A "Cars" Quilt

My friend's 4 year old needed a new quilt for his real bed. I had already planned to make a quilt for his birthday, which is in August, but she asked if I would make it now since he's been in his new bed for about a month.

Over April vacation, I made up some crazy math and put up this post about my progress.  He loves cars and Cars too.  We tried finding cool car fabric but nothing worked for us.

When we found the Cars movie fabric, things started to fall into place.

As vacation ended, so did my free time, so it took a couple of weeks to get the binding on and finish it.  This beast supervising my every move didn't help.

She was drooling with anticipation.  I'm sure she did a happy dance on it the second I left the room.  He's not allergic to cats, so I wasn't really too worried.

I love how it came out.  Successful winging, once again.

I think it's neat that in this first picture, his baby blanket is at the foot of the bed.  It's the one with the sea creatures on it and after 4 years of nightly use, it is pretty beaten up.  I tied that one and wasn't impressed with how the batting held up, so I hope the quilting on this helps it stay together longer.


The way the black makes everything stand out and pulls all of the colors together at the same time is my favorite part.

Ok, my favorite part is actually this square.  Something about that green and the green on the van just makes me smile.

One happy boy who doesn't have to wait until he turns 5 for his new blanket!

Now I want to take some of the Cars fabric and make borders for pillow cases.  His mother wants curtains with the same blue and green that I used for the backing.

Ironically, my mother just made a quilt with that same blue for the backing and she cleaned out the store, so I had to use the blue and the green!  There was only a little bit left when I went, but there might have been just enough for curtains.

I'll have to look into it and get back to you.

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  1. My six year old would LOVE you. LOVE you! That came out awesome!

  2. I actually have a little more of the blue left. Let me know if you need it. It looks like he likes it. It came out great!


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