Saturday, May 3, 2014

Was I Wearing Pachouli?

I spent the day working in the garden, the greenhouse and the yard, so I was dressed like this.

These pants crack me up.  I bought them like 20 years ago.  They are boys pants, something like a boys size 20.  Does that even exist?  I remember buying these and a khaki pair that I somehow new I could alter and make work.

These altered much better than the khaki pair.  Something happened with the crotch of the khaki pair but these worked really well.

Do you ever have something you alter and completely amaze yourself with the finished project?  I do that every so often and then, years later, I look at it in total amazement.

These pants amaze me.

After a long time, I relegated them to the work clothes pile.  I laugh every time I wear them because a) I somehow managed to alter them properly  and b) because they are boys.

K-ster was doing a spring clean-up nextdoor, while I was in the garden.  When I walked over to ask him what he wanted to do about supper, he said:

"You look like such a hippe right now, in those colors."


I wasn't wearing a prairie skirt, no  Birkenstocks and definitely nothing with pachouli. 

And yes, that is the new kitchen floor I'm standing on.

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