Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lucky to Have A Warranty

After much deliberation, I bought a front loading washing machine back in 2003 and have been pretty happy with it all along. I learned early on that I better not use the high spin speed or it will shred my clothes if they accidentally get up near the glass, but otherwise, I am pleased. I can fit a lot in there and I like to think I'm saving water and energy as they say. I also bought an extended warranty, because part of being true to my name, I make sure I follow it to the letter and get all of my yearly services and whatever else I am entitled to.

However, 2 weeks ago, there was a most horrific screech, like someone put on the brakes and the washer wouldn't spin. I thought I had too much in there (impossible, they told me when I bought it) but even empty, there was no movement. So I called and was shocked to find I had 10 days left on my warranty which I assumed expired a year ago. So, a guy came and after 4 minutes told me it was a bearing and would have to be replaced. Little did I know that meant 2 giant boxes would arrive, which really meant getting a new washing basket and the housing it goes in. I thought a bearing was like a little ball so this was a huge surprise. The best they could do was come today, not mid week as they promised, so I waited for the 1pm-5pm window as they promised. At 12:50, one guy called and said they'd be there soon. Around 3:45 one showed up and about 20 minutes later, another one came. Am I monopolizing the washing machine repairmen? Are other households waiting for their appliances to be serviced and I have TWO guys at my house?

They currently have most of my washing machine in the middle of the living room. My laundry facilities are NOT in my living room on a normal day. Clearly it would be simpler and cheaper to give me a new washer, but they must live by the book there at Sears, so they will replace parts for a trillion dollars but not just replace the machine. Amazing. But my extended warranty covers it, so I just sit and wait. And now they say I need a new shock which they thankfully can provide today. So I'll have the guts of a brand new washer but my old washer on the outside.

And should the washer go over any bumps in its travels, it will have a new shock to make it a smooth ride.

How did I get so lucky?

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