Sunday, June 13, 2010


Anyone who knows me knows that Thrifty Cheap Frugal is my actual name. I think it comes from Old Scottish meaning refuses to spend a penny she doesn't have to. When it's pronounced with a brogue, it's actually a pretty name.

I rarely make spontaneous shopping decisions, especially if they are pricey, and instead will agonize for hours about whether or not I should buy something that I don't seem to actually NEED in order to function. Then I'll go home and see if everyone online is charging such exhorbitent prices and then I still have to mull it over. Then I go back to buy it and they don't have my size. See, I didn't need it anyway!

However, when shopping for the wedding mentioned in yesterday's blog, I decided that I should buy something fun because it's so rare that I splurge. It was a formal affair and I have a couple of dresses that I could have worn but I've worn them to a lot of weddings already. If anyone looked at pictures from all of the weddings we've attended, they would think we really only attended 2 weddings because I've only worn these 2 different dresses to them all! I went to TJ MAxx and found a dress for less than $20 that I LOVED and was pretty pleased at the price tag. Then I got to the shoe department. I have the same relationship with shoes that I have with pants. Most of what I love won't fit the way I want so I hate shopping for both and I punish the shoes and pants by refusing to buy them. So there! But then these little gems popped out at me and I thought they would be really fun, they look a little fancy and they are actually heels but very comfortable.

Exhibit A

Very cute, yes. Borns, so they are comfortable but they aren't as comfortable looking as most of their shoes. They do have that signature fat stitching but it blends really well. But pricey!! $50 at Marshall's and TJMaxx!! And I just grabbed them and bought them! My intention was to wear them with a brown dress because I couldn't find what I wanted in gold or bronze. Instead, I wore them all the next day and the day after that and ended up buying another pair of shoes that were almost as much money. I wore the new ones instead to the wedding. They were a pinky-nude color that went better with the brown.

Now I think these beauties will be my lia sophia show shoe for the summer. They are fun and people have already commented on them. Hmmm, this sounds like something I might be able to write off as a business expense if I wear them when conducting business....

I found out they have them in black when I went to Marshall's on my 2nd shoe shopping trip. So now I have to decide if I should own two of the exact same pairs of shoes in different colors. Probably not.

And just which animals has a sparkling silver hide that makes these shoes? Another worry for another post.

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