Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strawberry Thieves

They may be tiny but they are sweet and they are mine!

In my never ending quest to get dirty, I love to garden. I'm all about the vegetable garden though, not the flowers only, snooty type of gardening. I have flowers too, but I prefer things I can eat when they grow, not just look at.

We are currently in strawberry season. Last year, I broke all the rules about moving strawberry plants, I tend to break every gardening rule yet have great results, and moved my plants after they bore fruit last June. I just dug them up, hacking them in the process, and they were so thrilled with the new digs that some of them went into bloom again and I had a couple more strawberries later in the summer. They came up with a vengeance this spring and they are starting to ripen. 5-7 per day. Very small, nothing like you see in the store, but neat anyway. I was eating my oatmeal today, making my morning rounds, and picked a handful of strawberries. Wanting to keep my hand free while I kept eating and walking around, I put them on the table and then forgot to bring them inside. I remembered them this afternoon. Someone ate them. And when I say someone, I don't mean the kind of someone who walks on 2 legs and can open garden gates. I suspect it's a squirrel thinking it hit the jackpot with berries it didn't even have to pull off the vine. But I was more annoyed with the small piece of strawberry that someone left behind on the ground. It was probably too much to stuff in its mouth and make it over the fence, so it just let some kind of dribble out on the ground.

Some people put screens and all sorts of things over their strawberries so they can enjoy them all themselves but I haven't reduced myself to that yet. FOr now, I pick them before they are completely ripe and enjoy what I can get.

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